Conventional Braces

Conventional Braces​


Orthodontic treatments are popular for fixing aesthetic and functional issues for people’s teeth. The Avenue Dental provides patients with different options for this purpose. These include Invisalign and conventional braces.

Conventional braces consist of metal brackets bonded onto tooth surfaces with metal wires (archwires). Sometimes, elastic bands are also used to correct the bite.

Invisalign differs from braces as it is a treatment that uses clear aligners. The aligners are removable and are made from clear, BPA-free plastic. Invisalign is highly effective for simple to moderate, cosmetic orthodontic cases.

Conventional braces are preferred over Invisalign for complex problems to provide a more efficient and effective treatment. Braces allow us to record progress and control tooth movement according to the treatment. This ensures that more complicated issues can be corrected, such as your bite.

When you have conventional braces, it is critical to care for them properly and to clean around all the brackets and wires thoroughly. There is no need to be concerned, as we can show you precisely how to clean your braces and can offer advice about which tools to use.

While wearing fixed braces, you will need to avoid some foods that are very hard or crunchy, which could damage the brackets or wires. It is also better to avoid very sticky foods that are difficult to remove from conventional braces, such as chewing gum. If you do wish to enjoy something crunchy like an apple or carrot, cut into small pieces.

Brackets are often metal, but other options are also available. Brackets can be made from clear plastic or ceramic, these options can be more expensive. Some people prefer to take the opposite approach and turn their braces into a statement, customizing their appearance with brightly coloured elastics.


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