Smile is Australia’s first dental plan. Smile began as a trial in 2006 and officially launched in August 2012. The number of people joining Smile is growing at a great speed and 14 times higher then extras cover.

With the cost of joining from as little as $77.00 for a whole year Smile really is for everyone. Smile can also be used by patients that are already a member of a health fund as it allows expense to be greatly reduced or eliminated completely when teamed with a patient’s health fund.

The process is simple as joining is made easy. Joining can take just a few minutes and you are able to benefit straight away. The patient is required to either present staff with their smile card or member number and claiming can happen straight away, it is just that easy. Patient’s can join up in our surgery and our staff are more then happy to help with this process.

Members of Smile must visit a participating practice, we have a practice in both Toowoomba and Pittsworth making it convenient for many members to visit a local practice.

Smile patients are welcome at both of our surgeries and new patient’s are always welcome. If you have any questions or would like to know more about Smile, please phone or visit either of our surgeries and we will be only to happy to provide you with further information or you can visit Smile’s website at

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