Teeth Whitening Toowoomba

Teeth Whitening

Your smile can be a tremendous asset, and especially when you feel confident it looks its best, but teeth can discolour and stain for a variety of reasons. Tooth staining occurs as a natural part of ageing, if you smoke, or if you prefer highly coloured foods and drinks.

A professional teeth whitening treatment will safely rejuvenate the appearance of your teeth, lifting stains from your tooth enamel. Before you can have this treatment, we will need to check your dental health as treatment is only suitable for people with healthy teeth and gums. It is best to have a hygiene treatment before teeth whitening to help achieve optimal results.

Our practice provides custom-made home whitening kits for convenient use in the privacy of your own home. Your kit includes teeth whitening trays made to fit precisely over your teeth and which are comfortable to wear. We will prescribe a professional strength whitening gel that is safe for home use and which will gently and comfortably whiten your smile. Just fill the trays as shown and wear them each day for a short period of time. Your teeth will begin to look brighter in just a few days, but it usually takes two or three weeks to complete treatment.

Teeth Whitening

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