The Avenue Dental Celebrating Dental Health this August

Every year we celebrate Dental Health week in August, and it is a great opportunity to get people thinking and hopefully talking about their oral health. Dental Health week is also an excellent reminder to brush and floss regularly and to make sure you come and see us for checkups and hygiene appointments. During the […]

Has Your Child Tried Our Toothy ‘Find a Word’?

We have designed a Find a Word which contains ten hidden toothy terms. If your child hasn’t tried it yet, ask us for a copy at your next visit. Word searches are just one way we engage with kids, and we find these tools can help them to learn about good oral care from a […]

Did You Realise Dental Education is Fun?

Our regular patients will know we are a family-oriented practice and we warmly welcome patients of all ages, and especially young children. Teaching kids about the importance of dental care is enormously important, and we work with families to educate children in ways that are fun and engaging. We certainly don’t think tooth care should […]

Keep Your Kid’s Teeth Top of Their Class: Back to School Oral Health Tips

Getting your kids off to school in the mornings can be a rush, and unfortunately, many children will head off to school without a clean, healthy mouth. Worryingly, more than a few children begin their school lives with tooth decay, a completely avoidable disease. Here are some simple steps to make sure your child’s teeth […]

Get Kids Excited about Tooth Brushing with an Incentive Chart

It’s challenging to try to get children to brush for longer than 30 seconds, let alone the full two minutes, and then there is the issue of getting them to brush at least twice a day! Making it into a fun activity can help considerably, so why not try an incentive chart? Make a simple […]

Health Tips for Kids Going Back to School

As the kids get ready to go back to school, here are a few tips to help them have a healthy and happy start to the term. Walk to school, if possible as there are lots of benefits of daily exercise. It can help improve concentration and can increase self-confidence, and physical activity leads to […]

Could Your Mouth Ulcers be Due to a Vitamin B12 Deficiency?

If you frequently have mouth ulcers, it could be a sign of a vitamin B12 deficiency. You need this vitamin to keep your nervous system healthy and to make red blood cells, and to release energy from food. When you don’t receive enough vitamin B12, your body produces abnormally large red blood cells that don’t […]

Oral Health Care as You Age

As you get older, your oral health can change. Common problems faced by older people include tooth loss, tooth decay, and gum disease. It’s more likely that prescription medications are needed as we age. These can cause a variety of side effects including dry mouth (xerostomia). A loss of teeth can affect appearance, potentially damaging […]

Seasonal Allergies and Their Potential Impact on Your Oral Health

Seasonal allergies can affect your oral health. Often people with allergies will suffer throat, mouth and even tooth discomfort due to sinus problems. When mucus builds up in your sinuses, it can create pressure on your teeth and nerves, causing toothache and sensitivity. Issues with bad breath could be caused by untreated nasal congestion, and […]

Why We Love Our Mum – Dental Care for Mum and Bub is Vital

Changes during pregnancy can affect your dental health, and it is critical to look after your dental health and your baby’s oral health during the first few months of their life. Good oral care will make sure you both enjoy healthy mouth in the future. Also, there is potentially a link between good gum health […]