Let’s talk about oral health

As it was National Dental Health week during August, we think it is an excellent opportunity to talk about oral health.

Regular Check-Ups are a Must

Your regular dental exams are crucial for good oral health. We can closely monitor your dental health, so any small changes are quickly detected and treated. Our team also have a wealth of useful information on how to look after your teeth at home. If you can’t get on with flossing or think your toothbrushing techniques could use some help, please just ask us. Flossing isn’t an optional extra, it’s essential if you’d like healthy teeth and gums. It is easy to floss once you know how!

Your Diet Matters Too

Did you know your diet makes a huge difference to your dental health? It is not just the obvious sweet treats that will harm your teeth. Frequently snacking on foods high in hidden sugars such as cereals, dried fruit, biscuits and crackers can damage your teeth. These foods break down into sugars, feeding decay-causing bacteria in your mouth. Limiting your snacks or choosing tooth-friendlier options will benefit your pearly whites.

The importance of good oral care needs to be a regular focus, so don’t forget that we are here for you year-round!

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