Healthy Little Smiles – Preventing Bad Breath in Children

Bad breath or halitosis isn’t just an adult problem as it can affect children too! Sometimes bad breath is due to diet, for example, if your kid has recently eaten something with onions or garlic, it’s just a matter of waiting until the food passes through their body. More persistent bad breath can be caused by poor dental hygiene.

When teeth aren’t cleaned thoroughly, food particles are left behind in the mouth and will gradually rot, causing unpleasant smells. These foods will feed bacteria which can also create noxious odours. There’s also the possibility that bad breath could be due to untreated tooth decay or other dental problems.

If you are concerned about your child’s bad breath, make an appointment for them to see our dentist. We can check their dental health, and our hygiene team can professionally clean their teeth. Another thing we can do is to assess your child’s home oral care routine. If needed, we can offer advice on how to improve brushing and flossing, hopefully banishing bad breath for good.

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