Why We Love Our Mum – Dental Care for Mum and Bub is Vital

Changes during pregnancy can affect your dental health, and it is critical to look after your dental health and your baby’s oral health during the first few months of their life. Good oral care will make sure you both enjoy healthy mouth in the future. Also, there is potentially a link between good gum health and a better pregnancy outcome. For example, if you have unhealthy gums because of severe gum disease, you could have your baby too soon, and they may be a lower birthweight.

It is perfectly safe to receive routine treatment during pregnancy, and we will make sure that all treatments provided will not harm you or your baby. During pregnancy, it’s critical to come and see us regularly so we can monitor any changes to your oral health caused by those hormonal changes. One thing that can often happen is that your gums will bleed more easily because hormones make them more sensitive to bacteria in your mouth. This means it’s even more crucial to keep your teeth and gums clean, and we may recommend more frequent professional dental cleanings to reduce the impact of hormonal changes.

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