Helping Someone Close to You with Mental Health Issues

October is mental health month, so we thought it’s the perfect opportunity to look at how to help someone close to you who is suffering. It isn’t easy to tackle the subject of mental health and living with someone who has these issues can be difficult. Mood changes and changes to sleep patterns or appetite can all take their toll, but it is essential to find the right time to discuss these matters.

Choose your time carefully and make sure the conversation takes place in a safe, comfortable environment and ideally when you both feel calm. Avoid using language that attributes blame, and instead, offer them compassion and understanding. Let them know you are supportive and encourage them to explore avenues that could help, for example, therapy or counselling sessions, or even participating in mood-boosting activities like exercising.

If your partner doesn’t feel able to talk to someone, it doesn’t prevent you from seeking expert help and advice. At the very least, it will assist you because it’s essential that you look after yourself. Negative emotions can be transferable so make sure you set aside time, so you can relax and recharge. If you are running on empty, you will be less able to help the person you love get through this challenging time.

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