Top Tips for Healthy Teeth This Holiday Season

Nobody wants to have a dental emergency, and especially not over the holidays when you could be far from home. Follow our simple tips to maintain healthy teeth this holiday season.

  1. Use the nutcracker, not your teeth! Trying to crack nuts with your teeth could prove costly. Hard nuts can damage or crack tooth enamel or could dig in your gums.
  2. Give sticky foods a miss. Sweet sticky foods like toffees and caramels can yank out fillings, and they are hard to remove from your teeth, increasing your risk of tooth decay. Instead, stick to sweets that melt easily like chocolate, or even better satisfy your sweet tooth with seasonal fruits.
  3. Your teeth are not tools. Resist the temptation to tear into packets with your teeth, or even worse trying to open bottles with them. You could end up severely damaging your teeth and may need costly restorative dental work.
  4. Quit nail nibbling. If you are a nail-biter, resist the urge as you could chip your pearly whites. Instead, buy bitter-tasting nail polish that will help you break the habit.
  5. Don’t chew ice cubes. Crunching on ice can frequently cause chipped or cracked teeth. Instead, let the ice do its job of cooling your festive drink!

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