How Can Teeth Whitening Remove Stains?

Tooth discolouration is a natural part of ageing and occurs as tooth enamel thins, allowing the dentine underneath to shine through. Dentine can be yellow or even grey. As tooth enamel thins, it becomes more susceptible to staining. Also, a liking for highly coloured foods and drinks like coffee, tea and red wine, and even […]

How to Ensure Your Child’s Packed Lunch is Tooth-Friendly

Did you realise that your child’s general and oral health are closely linked? Ensuring they eat healthily, even while at school will help to keep their teeth and gums in great shape. Calcium Calcium helps bones and teeth to remain strong, so include dairy-rich foods such as cheese, milk and sugar-free yoghurts. Protein Protein helps […]

Crucial Questions to Ask Your Dentist

The more you know about your oral health, the better you can take control. Here are some essential questions to ask your dentist at your next visit. 1. Is There Anything I Can Change to Help Prevent Gingivitis and Tooth Decay? Gingivitis or early gum disease and tooth decay are two of the most common […]

Chicken and Pea Carbonara Pasta

This recipe tastes creamy but is really quite low-calorie. Choosing chickpea pasta ensures it is gluten-free. It’s also quick to prepare! Ingredients 250g thinly sliced chicken breast 200g chickpea spiral pasta 2tsp extra virgin olive oil 150g sugar snap peas, cut diagonally 3 crushed garlic cloves 1/2tsp chilli flakes 1 egg 2tsp finely grated lemon […]