Crucial Questions to Ask Your Dentist

The more you know about your oral health, the better you can take control. Here are some essential questions to ask your dentist at your next visit.

1. Is There Anything I Can Change to Help Prevent Gingivitis and Tooth Decay?

Gingivitis or early gum disease and tooth decay are two of the most common dental diseases. Things that can help include watching the number of sugary foods you eat, and when you do eat something sweet have it as part of the main meal. Also, make sure you floss daily, and if you use mouthwash, ensure it is alcohol-free.

2. Are There Any Areas of My Dental Health That I Can Improve?

Even if you get a clean bill of health, it’s always useful to ask your dentist or hygienist if there is room for improvement. They might be able to point out areas that require a little extra attention when you brush and floss, or they could give you other helpful information.

3. Do I Need to Make Any Changes to My Regular Dental Routine?

After your teeth are professionally cleaned, just ask if your hygienist or dentist thinks there is anything more that could help improve your oral health. For example, they may suggest flossing more regularly or with a different type of floss, or brushing with a different fluoridated toothpaste.

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