The Ultimate Buttermilk Pancake Recipe

Buttermilk pancakes make a wonderful brunch, and this recipe is super tasty, especially when served with maple syrup or seasonal berries.


2 cups of buttermilk
2 cups of all-purpose flour
½tsp baking soda
1tsp baking powder
¼ cup granulated sugar
¼ tsp salt
2 eggs
½ cup of salted butter that is melted and slightly cooled
Vegetable oil or butter for cooking


  1. Whisk together the baking soda, baking powder, flour, sugar and salt in a medium bowl.
  2. In another bowl, whisk the eggs before whisking in the melted butter and buttermilk. Stir dry ingredients into buttermilk mixture until just combined. It doesn’t matter if there are still a few lumps.
  3. Preheat the oven to 90°C and place a baking dish or oven-safe plate in to warm.
  4. Heat a large non-stick skillet or frying pan over medium heat and melt a little butter or vegetable oil. Place half a cup of batter onto the skillet. If the skillet is large, you could cook several pancakes at once. Cook pancake until bubbles begin to form on the surface, for approximately two minutes. Flip over and cook for another two minutes.
  5. Transfer the cooked pancake to the place in the oven and cover with foil. Repeat with remaining batter until all pancakes are cooked.

Makes 12 pancakes

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