Get Kids Excited about Tooth Brushing with an Incentive Chart

It’s challenging to try to get children to brush for longer than 30 seconds, let alone the full two minutes, and then there is the issue of getting them to brush at least twice a day! Making it into a fun activity can help considerably, so why not try an incentive chart?

Make a simple template on the computer with a space for your child’s name and list the days of the week below. Include a tick box to check they have brushed their teeth morning and night. Get your child involved in choosing the colours and design as you want to make it as fun and as interesting as possible. You can also find pre-made templates online. Once printed, the template can be placed in a glass frame, and you can use a dry-erase marker to fill it in each week. Alternatively, you can print out a fresh sheet every week so you can both look back and see how well your kid is doing.

Decide with your child on their reward, whether that’s with a special treat or activity after successfully checking all the tick boxes for the week.

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