Breaking Open the Common Myths About Fluoride

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral which is essential for hardening teeth, but despite its advantages, there are many myths surrounding fluoride. We’ve listed some of the most common myths and the facts.

Myth 1: Fluoride can cause cancer. Fact: Studies worldwide have failed to show any link between fluoride and cancer.

Myth 2: Fluoridated water is banned in Europe. Fact: Water fluoridation isn’t banned in any country, and often salt fluoridation is used as an alternative.

Myth 3: Fluoridated water causes excessive dental fluorosis. Fact: Any dental fluorosis is mild and barely noticeable and does not damage teeth, whereas tooth decay is painful and can cause a lot of damage to teeth.

Myth 4: Fluoride can cause arthritis. Fact: There is no evidence that fluoride causes arthritis and its use is endorsed by Arthritis Australia.

Myth 5: Fluoridated water is bad for babies. Fact: Water fluoridation isn’t known to pose any health risks to babies or young infants and is endorsed by the World Health Organisation and the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Myth 6: Fluoride can cause allergies. Fact: Health bodies around the world have found no links between allergies and sensitivities and fluoride.

Fluoride is beneficial for protecting dental health, but if you do have any concerns about its use, please talk to our friendly dental team here at The Avenue Dental & Pittsworth Dental.

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