How to Stop the Easter Bunny from Ruining Your Teeth

Many people will tuck into decadent chocolatey treats over Easter and may worry about how it will affect their pearly whites. However, with a bit of foresight, you can have your chocolate and eat it without causing too much long-term damage to teeth. Our quick tips will help you.

Keep up with Your Regular Routine

Lots of people will be spending time with friends and family over Easter, and things can get busy. However, even the busiest bunny can find a couple of minutes to brush their teeth twice a day. Make sure you brush as soon as you get up and last thing at night, and especially if it has been a day of indulgence.

Make Friends with Fluoride and Floss

Whenever you brush your teeth, use good quality fluoride toothpaste, but if you are out and about and can’t brush, pack a small bottle of fluoride mouthwash so you can rinse after meals. It’s also useful to keep a pack of dental floss handy, so you can remove irritating pieces of food, even if you cannot brush your teeth.

Lastly, try to eat sweet treats when you have a main meal because this reduces the damage to your teeth. After eating, rinse your mouth with plain water to help wash away the residue.

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