Is Your Family History Causing Your Gum Disease?

Poor oral hygiene is the primary cause of gum disease, but did you realise genetics also plays a part? In fact, your family history could mean you need to take extra care with your dental hygiene.

What Is Gum Disease and What Causes It?

Gum disease develops when the bacteria in plaque buildup create infection and inflammation in your gums. This causes your gums to pull away from your teeth, and the bacteria can gradually destroy the bone around your teeth. The earliest form of gum disease is gingivitis, and at this stage, gum disease is reversible, but without treatment, it can cause significant damage to your oral health, quite possibly resulting in tooth loss and potentially affecting your overall health.

Preventing Gum Disease

The most effective way to prevent gum disease is to make sure your oral hygiene routine is meticulous and includes twice daily brushing for at least two minutes each time, and you must floss once-a-day. Also, don’t forget to visit us regularly for your checkups and hygiene appointments.

During your checkups, we can assess your risk for dental disease including gum disease by analysing your medical and dental health and your family history. If we think your risk is higher, we can suggest suitable preventative measures to reduce it. These may include more frequent hygiene appointments to remove plaque and tartar buildup before it can cause infection and inflammation.

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