Did You Know Smiling Can Benefit Dental Health?

Smiling is an important way we communicate with others, but did you realise there are some health benefits when you smile regularly?

Reinforcing Good Oral Habits

When you smile frequently, you are more aware of your dental health which can motivate you to take better care of your teeth and gums. Over time, this can help to reinforce good oral habits.

Maintaining Nicer Looking Teeth

People who smile more often are more likely to care about the way their teeth look. They will visit the dentist regularly and may have cosmetic dental procedures like teeth straightening or tooth whitening.

Healthier Gums

Smiling exposes at least part of your gums, and good gum health is essential for good strong and healthy teeth. When you smile often, others are more likely to notice if there is something wrong with your gums, for example, that they look red or swollen or are bleeding slightly.

Maintaining Healthy Breath

Usually, we are unaware if we have bad breath, but when you smile or laugh, any problems with bad breath will immediately be obvious. If you notice people pulling away or even dropping hints your breath is less than fresh, it’s time to come and see our dentist and to improve your oral health.

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