Do You Have Bleeding Gums?

Have you noticed blood on your toothbrush? If so, it is a sign you shouldn’t ignore as you may have gum disease, a condition that is incredibly common. In fact, around a quarter of the adult population in Australia is estimated to have some form of gum disease at any given time. Over half of Australians aged 65 or older have moderate or more severe gum disease.

Early Gum Disease is Reversible

The good news is that when detected early enough, the first signs of gum disease, a condition called gingivitis, is easily treated and reversed. It is caused by plaque bacteria building up on the gums, causing infection and inflammation that initially causes bleeding. Usually, it can be reversed by having your teeth cleaned professionally and by ensuring you have an excellent daily oral hygiene routine that regularly removes plaque.

Advanced Gum Disease is More Serious

Without treatment, gum disease will develop into periodontitis, a severe condition that in addition to causing tooth loss, can affect your general health. Often the disease is chronic and must be controlled with an intensive deep cleaning routine.

If you are worried you might have gum disease, or it has been a while since you visited a dentist, please contact our friendly dental team to arrange an appointment.

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